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SolarPanel, 10+W

SolarPanel, 10+W
SolarPanel, 10+W
SolarPanel, 10+W
SolarPanel, 10+W
$ 129.95
Featuring BioLite‰۪s Optimal Sun System, the SolarPanel series features smart yet simple details to get off-grid energy to your gear with maximum efficiency. Use them to power your tablets, phones, lights, and other devices. Power up in real time when the sun is shining or from stored energy when it‰۪s not thanks to the integrated battery in the SolarPanel 10+.

  • Real Time Power - 10 watt, high efficiency monocrystaline solar panel.
  • On-Board Battery - Built in 3000mAh battery to charge when the sun goes down.
  • 360å¡ Kickstand - Angle easily from trees, tents, and tables.
  • Sundial - Align with the sun for maximum power output.
  • Ultraslim Design - Ultraslim folding design slips easily into your pack.

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