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Francois Salomon in Annecy France transformed his saw blade company in 1947 to making alpine ski edges and then cable ski bindings.  The brand has continued to innovate and become a strong leader in some of our favorite categories.  Being a mountain running, snowboarding, alpine, and backcountry ski brand we thought Salomon would be a perfect fit to start with as a partner with Gravity Coalition.  Plus Salomon now has roots in Ogden Utah and we love supporting local Utah businesses that give us all kinds of gear that we love.

Starting with Footwear and Trail we will continue to introduce Midway City, Utah and Heber Valley Utah to many of these categories in Ski, Snowboard, Run, and Mountain Adventure.

Come into the shop, check it out, try some things on and we know you won't be disappointed with quality gear Salomon support.


Salomon S/Max Goggles

Salomon S/Max Goggles

$ 139.95
$ 200.00

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