Kayaks, Puma Raft, & SUP Rentals

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Please text (435) 671-3393 for what you need and we will coordinate with you the best fit and to make sure you have all the safety needed for different sizes and abilities.

We will coordinate a call to discuss your needs.

We have Kayaks, Stand Up Paddle Boards (SUPs), and a Raft.

We will need at least a few days notice to get this equipment ready for you.

We have Liquid Logic Stinger XPs, Homeslice, Remix, and other creek boat options.  80 bucks/day.

For Inflatable River Runners we have an 11ft Puma with Frame, Oars, Cooler, and more.  200 bucks/day.

We have a Super SUP that is about 18ft long and 5 feet wide good for abotu 4 adults or a few more kids than adults.  150/day.  Lake Use only for this giant SUP.

We have an NRS Tandom Inflatable Kayak also and some Star Inflatable Kayaks also.  80/day.

We also have a variety of SUPs.


Enjoy the water now in nearby rivers and reservoirs like Deer Creek, Jordanelle and Strawberry.