POC Hip Pack Hydro 4L

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Giving enough space to store your ride essentials and a large bladder to keep you hydrated on hotter days or longer rides, this pack ensures you can ride freely all day long.


  • Highly adjustable
  • Drinks bladder (1.5L) included
  • Recycled materials
  • VPD padding
  • Compartmentalised storage

Large enough for all your ride essentials and a 1.5L drinks bladder, the Hip Pack Hydro gives freedom and security without needing to carry a full backpack.

The slimline pack is larger than it looks, and can hold up to 4L, giving ample space for essential tools, a spare jacket, snacks and a drinks bladder.

Exterior compression straps help keep the pack tight and close to your body for minimal effect on your centre of gravity. On long uphill climbs, the straps can be loosened and used as holsters for knee pads.

Developed for ultimate flexibility, the pack's smaller side pockets can be pushed in to the main pocket to create a smaller pack - ideal for shorter rides. Straps can also be added to turn the pack into a bar bag - making it a natural choice for gravel rides as well as on the trails.

Internal tool pockets keep your kit organised and easily accessible, and a cushion of VPD–POC's body armor material—keeps your back protected from your belongings if you fall.

Constructed almost entirely from recycled waterproof materials and featuring waterproof zips, the pack is highly durable and keeps your kit safe and dry.


Volume 4L

Large capacity hip pack with space for a 1.5L bladder, a spare jacket and some tools.

Internal bladder

A large (1.5L) bladder has its own compartment in the pack, allowing you to carry enough water for a full day on the trails.

External compression straps

Compression straps on each side of the pack ensure it can sit as close as possible to your body and help to keep belongings secure, and can also be used to store knee pads on long climbs.


The smaller side pockets can be absorbed into the main pocket to create a smaller pack. Straps can be added to convert the pack into a bar bag.

Tool Sleeves

Sleeves in the main compartment keep tools organized and secure.

VPD padding

Gives body protection from the bag's contents in a fall.

Bladder tube compartment

The drinks bladder's straw threads down one of the straps and can be tucked into the other for safekeeping while you ride.

Detachable drinks tube

The drinks tube can be detached so it can stay on the pack when you take out the bladder to refill it.

Recycled materials

The majority of fabrics used are recycled.

Longer zip pulls

Easier to use while wearing gloves.

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