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N Strive 14 GW

Whether it’s all-mountain, freeride or freestyle, the Atomic Strive 14 GW binding allows you to ski exactly the way you want, wherever you want. The low center of gravity LDN Toe places the binding closer to the ski for better next-to-snow feel, more direct response and quicker reaction throughout the turn. The toe adapts automatically to your alpine normed boot height and width and ensures constant release values and a slightly ramped chassis positions the skier in a more neutral stance. Robust and extremely lightweight, Strive 14 GW shaves weight without compromising durability by using just enough metal where it’s needed most. The result is an all-mountain binding with a lower swing weight for easier maneuverability and strong, proficient skiing all day long.

Essential Infos:

  • Brake Width : 100, 115, 130, 90
  • Terrain : All Mountain, Freestyle, Powder
  • Boot-binding compatibility : Gripwalk
  • Adjustment range (mm) : 28
  • Binding / Boot compatibility : [Alpine A (Adult) + GripWalk A (Adult)]
  • DIN scale : 5-14
  • Height : 24
  • Weight single piece (g) : 1002


Performance Features

  • LDN Toe
  • Low Profile Chassis
  • Light Construction


Comfort Features

  • Automatic Toe Adaptation
  • Locking Brakes
  • Snow Scraper


Rental Features 

  • Automatic Toe Adaption


Boot Compatibility

  • Auto GripWalk Compatible



  • TÜV certified




The Shift binding leads to the next generation of freeride capability, blending the touring efficiency of a pin (tech) binding, with the performance of an alpine freeride binding. For skiers who like to push the boundaries of the mountain and their skiing, “shift” to the first ever truly compromise-free binding.

The Atomic Shift 10 MNC is the same binding as its bigger brother – with slightly lower DIN options. It’s still the world’s first binding with full touring and freeride capability in one. It’s a genuine tech binding for hiking complete with pins. Flick the hike/ride switch to ski mode and it turns into a genuine freeride binding for the way down, compatible with all ISO normed boots on the market – alpine and touring. No need to compromise when you’re touring or skiing the resort– either by hiking with a heavy solution like frames or skiing downhill with pins. You get the best for both. And even better, you can also use it for your alpine skiing days with your normal alpine boot. Finally, one binding for everything!

The Atomic Shift 10 MNC is a tech binding for hiking – then a genuine freeride binding for skiing.


  • Adjustment range (mm) : 30
  • Binding / Boot compatibility : [MNC (Multi-Norm Certified) + Pin]
  • DIN scale : 4-10
  • Height : 30
  • Weight single piece (g) : 880
  • Certification:  TÜV certified
  • Comfort Features:  Manual Toe Height Adjustment, Automatic Toe Adaptation, Easy Step-in, Locking Brakes
  • Performance Features:  Low Profile Chassis, Oversized Platform
  • Backcountry Features:  Hike and Ride Switch, Crampon Compatible, Climbing Aid
  • Carbon-infused PA material
  • Crampon Compatibility
  • Crampon Shift 100/120mm


DISCOVER YOUR BACKLAND.  The Atomic Backland Tour is a convenient and really lightweight tech binding for alpine touring. Like all Backland gear it’s incredibly durable and easy to use: it features a patented step-in aid at the front so your boot is automatically positioned to click in. Then two climbing aids work separately from the heel tower, so with one easy click you can choose between 0°, 7° and 13° positions. Performance-wise Backland Tour is exceptional, with a broad 40mm mounting for max power transmission on wide skis (this also cuts the risk of the screws pulling out). With brakes it weighs in at just 398g a pair, is compatible with standard crampons, and has a lengthy 30mm sole-length adjustment. Get ready to tour!

The Atomic Backland Tour binding is a lightweight tech binding for the backcountry and comes with brakes – made to match our Atomic Backland skis.


  • Adjustment range (mm) : 50
  • Binding / Boot compatibility : [Pin]
  • DIN scale : W-M-EXP
  • Height : N/A
  • Weight single piece (g) : 398
  • Comfort Features:  Locking Brakes, Backcountry Features, Patented Step-in Aid, Crampon Compatible, Climbing Aid, Touring Brakes
  • Crampon Compatibility:  Crampon Backland 80/90/100/110mm


CONFIDENT SKIING IN ALL CONDITIONS.  The Atomic Warden 11 MNC is a solid option to go with any all-mountain ski. It’s Multi Norm Certified, which means it works with all types of soles – DIN, Touring and Walk To Ride (WTR) – and fits every normed boot in the market. It has an Oversized Platform and U-Power Toe – a super-wide platform that provides extra lateral power transmission, steering, flex and dampening. This platform is also 30% wider than comparable bindings so works particularly well with progressive wider skis like Vantage. It has a DIN range of 3.5 to 11. It also features a Low Profile Chassis, Progressive Transfer Pads and a special lightweight heel that keeps your ski nice and agile.

The Atomic Warden 11 MNC is a lightweight option with strength and precision for the piste, smooth progressive power transfer for deeper snow and a DIN from 3.5-11.


  • Adjustment range (mm) : 28
  • Binding / Boot compatibility : [MNC (Multi-Norm Certified)]
  • DIN scale : 3,5-11
  • Height : 26.5
  • Weight single piece (g) : 960
  • Certification:  TÜV certified
  • Comfort Features:  Manual Toe Height Adjustment, Automatic Toe Adaptation, Locking Brakes
  • Performance Features:  Low Profile Chassis, Oversized Platform, Progressive Transfer, Pads, U-Power Toe



READY TO RIDE.  Our Atomic Colt 7 GW binding is a junior all-round all-mountain binding. It’s Race Kit compatible, GripWalk-friendly and has a wide DIN range for different levels of skiing. So, if you’re stepping up a level and want to feel supremely confident as you line up those groomers, rail slides and powder fields, the Colt 7 GW binding will be up to it. It also has Automatic Toe Height Adjustment, which adapts to your alpine-normed boot height and ensures constant release values all season long.

The Atomic Colt 7 GW is a junior all-mountain binding with a precise hold and strong energy transmission.


  • Adjustment range (mm) : 28
  • Binding / Boot compatibility : [Alpine A (Adult) + GripWalk A (Adult) + Alpine C (Child) + GripWalk C (Child)]
  • DIN scale : 2-7,5
  • Height : 16.5
  • Weight single piece (g) : 860
  • Certification:  TÜV certified
  • Comfort Features:  Automatic Toe Adaptation, Locking Brakes
  • Performance Features:  Light Construction, Race Kit Compatible; Rental Features, Automatic Toe Height Adjustment