Ride Engine Lyte Webbing Connect Harness

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Any company can make a lightweight harness. At Ride Engine they aren’t just any company—they are the originator of the hard-shell harness and they are proud to introduce the Lyte Curv® harness that provides the very best in no-compromise, lightweight performance while keeping the weight under 1kg. The ingenious Curv® composite material they utilize is not merely lightweight—its high tensile strength allows the shell to retain Ride Engine’s scientifically designed Lumbar Lock shape, which has become renowned for eliminating harness rise and twisting on the body. Equipped with Direct Connection or Webbing Connection, the Lyte Curv integrates directly with the Unity Spreader Bar, which completely eliminates spreader bar slip and twist. Additionally making Lyte Curv the ultimate lightweight travel harness is the Cell-Lock Foam: thermoformed closed-cell foam that’s Lycra laminated to virtually eliminate all water absorption and keep the harness light no matter how long your session.

*Spreader bar sold separately.