Salomon S/LAB SHIFT MNC Alpine Touring Ski Bindings

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The key benefit of the Salomon Shift Binding is that is has the safety and skis like an Alpine Ski Binding, but it transforms into a backcountry alpine touring binding.  Save the knees with the lateral toe release + a sweet touring mode.



The shift is the ultimate no compromise ski binding.
Absolutely uncompromising. You will be able to rip the downhill just like you do in a resort, with the uphill efficiency of a pin binding while having the solid downhill insurance of an alpine binding.
Freeride, Touring

Downhill performance
The S/LAB SHIFT MNC 10 is the ultimate downhill and uphill tool for skiers looking to conquer the entire mountain.

Touring capability
PIN toe design enable full heel rotation for efficient touring and kick turning while the convenient step-in switch between ski and tour modes to access to untracked lines.

Made with a revolutionary new material, Carbon-infused PA, the S/LAB SHIFT MNC 10 is light yet strong weighing in at 1.750kg / pair.

• Adjustement range (US sizes) : 3.75
• Din Scale : 4-10
• Height : 24.2
• Skier weight (lbs) : 145-275
• Primary Practice : Alpine Ski
• POWER: XL Wings
• SAFETY: +Elastic travel
• EASE OF USE: Easy climbing aids manipulation, Crampon system
• MAIN MATERIAL: Aluminium, Carbon-infused PA


Uphill freedom plus downhill power equals zero compromise!
The new S/LAB SHIFT MNC binding ushers in the next generation of freeride capability, blending the touring efficiency of a pin (low-tech) binding, with the performance of an alpine freeride binding. For skiers who like to push the boundaries of the mountain and their skiing, SHIFT to the first ever truly compromise-free binding.

Shift's long toe-wings absorb maximum shock, with 47mm of elastic travel, while delivering improved energy transfer and efficiency.

SHIFT utilizes a PIN toe design, and enables full heel rotation for efficient touring and kick turning. While the step-in, convenient switch between ski and tour modes, and fast access to the climbing aids make it easier to get to untracked lines.

Made with a new material, Carbon-infused PA, combined with aluminum and steel, SHIFT is light yet strong, at 1.7kg / pair.  SKIER WEIGHT (LBS): 145-275