Slingshot 2022 Coaster Wake Surfer

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The mission with the COASTER from day 1 was to do just that - COAST. Anywhere, any time, any boat. Thanks to its skim-inspired design with a flat rocker line, the smaller sizes are extremely nimble for skim based maneuvers and larger styles make surfing smaller sized waves a breeze. The faster rocker lines of this skim style design are a blast on all sized waves. With the smaller sizes excelling on skate based maneuvers and larger sizes re-fusing to quit on smaller waves.
Slingshot's proven, no-gimmicks, skim-style cruiser that delivers the best of all worlds from beginner to expert levels. The Coaster rides fast and free - excellent for teaching newbies, carving hard, and integrating skim / skate style maneuvers into your bag of tricks!



  • CARBON MATRIX OVERLAY - Lengthwise carbon stringers, top and bottom, provide strength and stiffness, carbon rails along the tail help prevent cracking, heel dents and damage from hard landings.
  • CUSTOMIZABLE FIN CONFIGURATION - The G10 Tri-fin setup can be run in a thruster, twin, or single fin configuration based on rider preferences.
  • MILD NOSE ROCKER - Just enough to keep you from pearling (nose diving) but not enough to slow down the board speed.
  • FAST ROCKER LINE - The key to success when surfing small waves and being able to let go of the rope behind the boat.
  • PIN TAIL DESIGN - Traditional surfboard tail shape, easy to turn tight and carve aggressively on the wave, perfect for expert level carving on the face of the wave.
  • DOUBLE CONCAVE HULL - The double concave hull helps create traction without sacrificing speed, and also helps the board rock effortlessly from rail to rail.



  • 2021 Coaster Wakesurfer
  • 3 X 2" (5.08 CM) G10 Tri-fin Set-up